Our Warranty to you

Synergy Off Road Vehicles supplies a standard back to base warranty on all our models.

This warranty covers the engine, gear box and differentials against defects in material or workmanship. The warranty covers the cost and freight of the parts to the the customer anywhere in Australia.

Warranty has exclusions and limitations. Synergy Off Road Vehicles excludes any warranty caused by accidental damage, normal wear and tear or abuse.  We will not warrant any machines that have been structurally altered, modified or neglected or improperly maintained, or on machines used for purposes other than for witch is was manufactured.

Warranty does not cover physical damage to paint, stress cracks, corrosion, brake pads, tires, rims, shocks, cables, battery, air filters, oil filters, seals and gaskets, bearings and bushes and all other relevant wear and tear items. Warranty is to cover items such as ecu, regulators, starter motors, coils, starter relays and other electrical components that should not fail.

Synergy Off Road Vehicles has been established since 2004. We carry a full range of spare parts, have a work shop and are not just an internet based company.

Our warranties are solid and after sales service is always available.  Parts are not expensive more than half the price of the big name brands so the ongoing up keep of your bike even outside of warranty covered periods is very affordable.